Network Api functionality and authentication

Hi i am interested in making an iOS app for the SatNOGS as a contribution. The api has no documentation at the moment. The api page has a little typo.

“data”: “”,
“jobs”: “

The urls are self explanatory but i can’t find any info on how to authenticate and if there is more functionality that is not documented.

Hi @dgravvanis, thanks for reaching out.

The current api was developed with the intent to be used by the satnogs-client and the ground stations. This is mainly the reason there is no detailed documentation around or that it doesn’t cover the full functionality of the website (eg. you can’t schedule a new observation from the API).

Can yo elaborate a bit about the mobile app? The website is designed to work mobile too. What do you think a native iOS app will offer?

A native app could offer a better user experience (i am not saying the mobile version of the website is bad). It would be nice to have a fully exposed Api for developers to use. Developers could make native apps for other platforms or use the Api as a service to power other web apps. Do you have any plans about exposing some functionality in the future? Does the SatNOGS project use any Apis?

We don’t entirely exclude this option, but implementing a full feature API for the network app it’s definitely not a priority at the moment.

The SatNOGS project uses this API to connect the client with the network. We also have SatNOGS DB API, that is read-only and it’s intended to be used by external applications that want to use Transponders data (many mobile/desktop apps out there that can utilize this). Network app also uses that to fetch data for its own functionality. DB is to be released the forthcoming week along with documentation for the API.

Добрый день, я занимаюсь разработкой библиотеки для Matlab, при ее помощи пользователи Matlab могли бы брать данные с вашего сайта для своих исследований.
В ближайшее время я также соберу наземную станцию, и возможность взаимодействовать через API мне бы очень пригодилась.

Hello @sincos ! What kind of API are you looking for? What kind of data?

hello,when i got the idea to use the api to get the telemetry data ,i encounter the same problem you meet,have you ever got the problem fixed? any suggestion?thanks!

Hm… not sure I’ve understood what the issue is.

Could you please describe it?

For example how do you try to get the telemetry data and what happens when you try?

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Just going to throw my two sense in to say you don’t need to auth to use the apis to get information.