NEMA 17 steppers - specs and recommendations?

Hi, are there some basic recommendations on the steppers other then NEMA17? The Pololu boards only support bipolar steppers of course, but I was curious how much torq the ones you are testing have. Since these may be subjected to wind load and variable weight antennas I don’t want to wind up with an underpowered system.

Oh, and would this one work ok for reference?


For now we use this stepper motor. Theoretically the output torque of the system is 59Ncm * 60(torque ratio) = 3540Ncm for each axis.
We plan to redesign the rotator and calculate again all specs.

Very good, so we’re looking for of power. For the Western Hemisphere, this ebay store seems to have about the best prices and ships from California (however sale is for 5 steppers if that is a problem for some). After this years Chinese holiday subsides other sources will return :wink:.

We recently picked up a few from Pololu when getting the drivers. At the time, they were on sale for about $13/ea, though apparently the sale is over by now.