NEMA 17 - Stepper motor

Which one will be the most suitable for SatNOGS Tracker v2?
I see a lot of models with different Torque. Chinese suppliers from ebay are trustworthy for stepper motors?

Tnx for advice.

Assuming you are using the polulu driver boards then bipolar steppers are required. Power-wise they have previously recommended 59Ncm * 60(torque ratio) = 3540Ncm, aka I believe this should be the most powerful size stepper in the small form-factor motor body (not extended length or anything). I can verify that these motors are the correct physical size to fit.

For clarification:
The stepper motors provide 0.59 Nm (84 ounce inch).
After the gear 1:60 the total torque is 35.4 Nm.

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