Need working rigctld command line and interface config for Yaesu FT-991(A)

Title says it all… if you have this working on your FT-991 (A), (rig and rotor would be awesome) please spare the rest of us hours of frustration and post it here.

Many thinks - de N4NVD

I have mine working for the 897D. Shouldn’t it be the same?

If so here it is:
rigctld -m 123 -r /dev/tty.usbserial-AL034145 --set-conf=serial_speed=4800 -v -v &

Just keep in mind that your USB devices WILL be different as well as the baud rate.


Thanks but they aren’t the same, FT-991 is #135, very sure I read that the CAT commands are different than the 897D as well. Isn’t your radio a full duplex radio? If not it might be helpful to see the interface settings for your radio too.


Yes, the 897D is full duplex. I was thinking that the command line would be very similar. Are you sure you have the right baud rate?

Hi Herb,

I do very much appreciate your reply! Thanks for trying to help.

Baud rate is not an issue, I’m talking to the radio just fine, and in receive mode Gpredict compensates for Doppler as expected. I’m personally having trouble getting the radio to operate in split mode and have Gpredict correct Doppler on the other VFO. I understand that Gpredict cannot adjust the radio’s mode (FM, CW, SSB, etc.) or put the radio into split mode operation, this must be done manually. I’ve spent many hours trying different settings with no joy.

That’s why it would be really helpful if someone with an FT-991 or 991A who has already been down this path could help with their configuration settings for Gpredict and also any tips about setup of the rig itself.

This is a completely brand new rig for me, and a fundamental change too - my previous radio was a 30+ year old Kenwood TS-430S. Eventually I plan on adding an SDR to the mix for panadapter and other uses, and when that happens I suspect this will become a much more straightforward operation as the SDR will be the receiver, the 991A will be the transmitter and this will be a full duplex setup - but that is some time away on my timeline, and I’d sure like to get this operational even in half duplex mode as soon as possible.


Full duplex as in transmitting and receiving at the same time?

No it’s not.
If I recall correct, the “semi duplex” mode is not fully supported by gpredict - that would need some work. I do not have access to one of these radios, so maybe someone else has to jump in…

I think it is “semi-covered” by the FT817/857/897 radio type