NARSSCube-1 (Egypcubesat-1) and NARSSCube-2

Both satellites have been deployed and they have just been added in DB.

For now I have added only their CW transmitters that transmit at 437.970MHz.

There are conflicting info about their frequencies and modes. From these sources:

and actual observations like this one from @Tetsu-JA0CAW:

So, there are 2 different frequencies from iaru and actual observations for NARSSCube-2 (Egypcubesat-1)
and 3 different frequencies from their site for NARSSCube-1.

I suggest we keep looking before adding the rest of the transmitters.

Thanks @cgbsat and @PE0SAT for letting me know about these satellites!

NARSSCube-1 is so strong you can decode the blazing fast cw visually :slight_smile:

I get:

Which largely matches NARSScube-1 (Egycubesat-1) CW #2: Satellites information update by JE9PEL has

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Holy cow, that is some fast CW!!!