NanoRacks cubesat deployment from ISS (2019 January 31)

Five cubesats were deployed from the ISS today:

CAT-1/CAT-2: 10:25 GMT/4:25 CST
Delphini-1: 12:00 GMT/6:00 CST
UNITE: 13:40 GMT/7:40 CST
TechEdSat-8: 16:45 GMT/10:45 CST

So far we’ve only found an IARU coordinated frequency for Delphini-1, transmitting 9k6 GMSK on 437.500MHz:

However, some of the others may well be transmitting on VHF or UHF.

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Edit: Several observation ave been scheduled with ISS TLE

One of these is our Delphini-1 Sat. We did not have contact for now.
It would be fine if someone could get some beacons, they should be transmitted ever 120 seconds on 437,5 Mhz
its NORAD CAT NUM 44030U
International Designator 1998-067PW
TLE 01.02.2019
1 44030U 98067PW 19032.23635542 .00013042 00000-0 20663-3 0 9996
2 44030 51.6420 317.3442 0005436 6.8319 89.8465 15.53753825 150
The AUSAT-Delphini team