My station stopped working

Been doing some diagnosing why my station suddenly stopped showing any waterfalls.

I went over this lot on the host to see if there is a problem.

$ git clone librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-client-ansible · GitLab # Clone SatNOGS Client Ansible repository
$ cd satnogs-client-ansible # Change to cloned repository directory
$ cp -r production.dist production # Copy dist configuration
$ vi production/inventory/hosts # Update file with your own target host, user and SSH password
$ ssh youruser@yourtargetsystem true # Test SSH connection to target system
$ ansible-playbook -i production/inventory -K site.yml # Run Ansible playbook
$ ssh -t youruser@yourtargetsystem sudo satnogs-setup # Setup SatNOGS client (see below)

When I run this line, $ ansible-playbook -i production/inventory -K site.yml I get this error message.


This is the file it is complaining about

  • import_playbook: satnogs-setups.yml
  • import_playbook: satnogs-clients.yml
  • import_playbook: satnogs-radios.yml
  • import_playbook: hamlib-utils.yml
  • import_playbook: snmpds.yml
  • import_playbook: gpsds.yml

I don’t understand what is the problem and what to do about it.

Bob vk2byf

Are you using SatNOGS Raspberry Pi image?

Yes I am. I believe it’s the only way it can be done at the moment. I’d like to try it on an old Linux Mint laptop.

@Acinonyx please correct me, but I think this could be an invocation error! I remember doing something similar in the beginning and simply forgot a dot at the end iirc!

There is no need to run the above commands when you are using the SatNOGS Raspbian image. After flashing you basically need to update the packages, reboot and then run satnogs-setup to configure Raspbian to become an SatNOGS client.

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