My station not working

I recently posted here about the problems I have been having with my VHF station ID-568 not showing any waterfall after an observation.

I found the problem. A typo in SATNOGS_NETWORK_API_URL satnogs-setup configuration.
Thank you all who provided help and feedback.

I have an identical UHF station ID-724 with the same problem, no waterfall after an observation.
The observations do run. I can see that on

I started again from scratch and created, upgraded and installed a brand new Raspbian satnogs .img on my RPi3B+
I have followed the guide and found:
I have checked my API token is correct twice.
I can ping around 300mS
My 2 stations show up on my network dashboard.
rtl_test finds my rtlsdr and rtl_test -p shows PPM around 70.
$ less /var/log/supervisor/satnogs-error.log returns no such file. there is no /supervisor/ directory in /var/log/
manual running of satnogs with
$ cd/tmp $ --rx-sdr-device=rtlsdr --rx-freq=444000000 --file-path=./audio-out.ogg --waterfall-file-path=./waterfall.dat
creates non empty /tmp/audio-out.ogg and /tmp/waterfall.dat files.
This would indicate the rtlsdr hardware is OK and gnuradio is working. I assume satnogs works with gnuradio which I have played with before.

If the antenna, rtlsdr gnuradio receives no signal there should be an empty, all blue waterfall, right?

I have tested rtl-sdr, LNA and antenna with Gqrx and they work fine. rtl_tcp also works with Gqrx. I get a much stronger signal this way. For instance NOAA 19 will give me an almost perfect picture within 10 degrees of either horizon.

I don’t know how to diagnose this further as I don’t understand how the various software components are interconnected. Is there a block diagram explaining this somewhere?
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated,
Thanks, Bob vk2byf.