My SSS mod [tripod, DC motorshield with window motors, no t-slots]

Here is my modification of SatNOGS rotator.

  • controller [cheap clone Arduino Uno + Monster Motor Shield + window motors + UART-RS485 converter]
  • helical antenna similar UHF-435-8-version_5
  • tripod based on satnogs-tripod
  • receiver rtlsdr v3
  • board with ARM from my garbage on Debian

You can see sources here.

And also, I use my program satviewer like orbitron or gpredict to work with this thing.


Thanks for sharing it! Any chance you have a video when it works?

By the way welcome to the forum and the community! :slight_smile:


Here on the second page there is a small video.
Now i have some time and i’m assembling entire setup. I think that soon I’ll be able to shoot my setup entirly. But unfortunately now there is no way to take it outside and work with real signal.

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