My Satnogs Rotator V2

Hey guys!
This one is my first Rotator! I will soon build my V3!


Beautiful! How long did it take you?

It took me two months to finish. But I’m still fixing some things.

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This weekend I made some replacement parts, redone some in ABS and replaced the PVC pipes with aluminum pipes.


Looks great! Has it been in operation long or are you upgrading parts just after the initial build?

I really like the idea of the optical end stops in the v2 as opposed to the mechanical end stop with the flimsy metal pulley arm in v3 – I think I’m on my 3rd mechanical end stop replacement in 6 months – they bend/get damaged so easily is seems if they are not perfectly positioned (my bad of course).

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I ran some tests and did the replacements I’m having problems assembling an antenna, I couldn’t buy one ready because of the value, so I’m studying to assemble one, I’m assembling the V3 to use in a college project, About the optical sensor I’m using it aligned with the CNC SHIELD I put it to work as a mechanic, if you’re interested I can send you the schematic.