Multiple vetters for one station - how?

Out club station (W2MMD #223) is picking up many observations so we’d like to have multiple club members able to vet our observations. From my reading it appears that only a single station owner can vet observations from that station - other users attached to that owner (their email addresses are linked) don’t have vetting permission. What’s the protocol, if any, for sharing observation vetting among multiple users for a single station?


Jon WB2MNF sysop for W2MMD

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I can vet obs on your station, look at 7969559.
Everyone registered should be able to vet, but need to have a station online on that account.
Look at the Network Permissions Matrix at the bottom of that page.

So as the station owner I have two email addresses associated with my account. Only one can be designated as primary, which I assume means that they can vet observations. The other email account can log in but doesn’t get the vetting buttons. How can two different people associated with the same station vet the observations from that station?

Unfortunately the current status is what @SA2KNG described, so only station owners, users with online station, can vet all the observations.

We plan to open vetting to everyone logged in, but this needs first some issues solved. If anyone is interested in helping with the development, let me know.

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Thanks, Fredy - that’s gonna cut down on the number of observations that we’ll schedule since we don’t want to be banging around our 42 element yagi on the rotator generating obs that nobody will vet. Maybe one of our other members will set up a station and will then have the ability to help with our workload.

Noted, however have in mind that unvetted observations can be useful and in the future they may be automatically vetted. In other words, if you are worried about unvetted observations, you shouldn’t be. :slight_smile:


also do note that observations with demodulated data are automatically rated as good. the button that says xxx obs needs rating, is the combination of unknown status and non rated waterfall. you can ofc rate all obs from your station, which is really good, so even if sporadic frames are demodulate you have also gave it a visual vetting.