Moved my station then it stopped working

I moved my working station (1372) from my home where it was first set up to my school. I plugged in at school and my station appeared on the SATNOGS map. When I scheduled observations, they never uploaded any waterfalls. I assume that they never occurred.

It’s likely that the new location is now behind a firewall. From reading on this forum, I see that that may be an issue for time sync with NTP. Is that the most likely issue? Should I switch services?

sudo apt install htpdate

I also read that updating security certificates? might be useful. Try this?

sudo update-ca-certificates --fresh

I am very new to this and new to Raspberry Pi as well. Thanks very much for your input.

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What happens if you run manually:

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When I enter that, I get the following:

curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

It turns out I can’t ping that address either: the packets go out, but don’t come back. I suppose that explains why my station shows up on the map, but nothing happens when I schedule an observation.

I was able to use my phone as a hotspot and successfully connect, but that’s not a viable long term solution.

I believe that this is all about the security measures taken by the high school IT folks. I believe that the model is “captured portal”. I’m doing some reading about it and looking for a means to enter my login credentials from the Linux command line.

Can I install a lightweight web browser on the Pi in addition to the satnogs image or will there be some kind of conflict? I can imagine running the web browser to get logged in via the school’s captured portal model though that would all be kind of clunky.

Likely I will have to involve the IT folks in this. I am hopeful that if I give them the MAC address of the Pi, perhaps they can provide accommodation (maybe a static IP address and an open port?) I’m well beyond my comfort level here, but I’m hoping that I know what to ask when I speak with the IT folks.

Thanks again and all guidance is very much appreciated!

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In the past I have succesfully managed to login into captive portals from command line in a RPi by installing manually lynx (command line browser).

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This shows you don’t even have public DNS (name service). The IP is Can you even run: