Mounting TA-1 Turnstile and Winkler Turnstile

Dear all,
Could you suggest how I should mount TA-1 Turnstile and Winkler Turnstile antenna to the mast?

  1. Can I have both antennas together on a single mast or should I have each antenna on a separate mast?
  2. I have buyed two RTLSDR wideband LNA and two Bandstop filter, so is it okay to use them permanently mounted and connected to the antenna inside weatherproof enclosure or should I use a portable lightweight mast and connect them only while receiving?

Considering the climate in Finland, could you suggest how I should proceed in mounting?

Would be happy if I get some valuable suggestions.

Hi @kannans Kannan!

Sorry for the late answer. The manual of the TA-1 says: Stay away at least 2-Meters from metallic material. For testing i removed everything and mounted the TA-1 on top. Only one dipole leg is ending there.

I am awaiting my Winkler crossed dipole for 435 MHz. So I plan to mount it with a sidearm or on the running rail.

Have a look at my setup report. My actual groundstation is also linked there:

Setup report

73 Oliver


Thank you oliver for your suggestions. It is really helpful.

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I mounted my TA-1 on a TV fascia mount (l bracket) with u-bolts.


Thank you for the pictures. It look pretty good. I got some idea on suitable mounting of the antennas. I appreciate it.

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Very good! The bird :grinning: !

73 Oliver