More progress, now decodable!

I changed the gnuradio script to a quadrature demod with no filtering. This has allowed for a lot of successful captures tonight, such that data can also be decoded from the demodulated audio (even up to 19k2 on Firebird FU4!). So far, the oggenc process we put the output through does not seem to make a difference in the ability to decode, meaning you can download the audio files for each of these captures and decode them yourself! (I used UZ7HO high speed soundmodem)

Firebird FU4 (19k2 FSK)
GOMX 1 (4k8 GMSK)
CUBEBUG-2 LO-74 (9k6 FSK)
TW-1C (4k8 GMSK) I only got one packet out of this, freq seems off by about 5Hz

Firebird FU4:


The voice captures of SO-50 are still coming in successfully, check the observations page on for those.

more to come!!!