More antenna types to choose from during station adding?

I was about to add my new (and first) station to the stage env network and couldn’t find my type of antenna.

I’m about to use a parasitic lindenblad and maybe a quadrifilar helix antenna on another station. Any chance you can add these? (VHF and UHF)

Thx in advance.

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We added more antenna types in -dev. Let us know what is missing so we can add them asap. Thanks!

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Perhaps also add VHF/UHF Multiband Vertical, 135-148,430-450.

I use one on dev 119 & 120.

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We use UHF Quadrafilar | 430.000 MHz - 440.000 MHz antenna. Is it ok to add new type for it? Nothing from the list seems to match…

BTW, there are 3 identical entries of “UHF Helical | 430.000 MHz - 440.000 MHz” in the “Antennas” list.


Hey @sputnix

I’ve just added the UHF - quadrafilar - 430.000MHz - 440.000MHz.

I’ll check and fix later the multiple UHF hellical antennas, thanks for reporting it!

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Wow! Thanks for fast response. It works!

Hello Pierros,

i should like to experiment with some antenna (groundplane antenna, turnstile, … soon)
But cannot select UHF, only VHF
Is it possible to add also UHF antennas to my station? Can I do this myself or is that something that you administrators must do?

Krist ON4API

I would like to add 10GHz antenna to the my station (QO-100, Es’hail 2 ).
Thank you in advance,
Alexander, uy0ll


What type of antenna is it?

Antenna 0.9 m parabolic dish