Mission Control System Challenges?

Hi all, I am working with a team who are developing a Mission Control System as a training project and I would love to gauge your thoughts on what are some of the current issues you face when working with opensource software like GPredict.

We would like to be able to mock up displays and ideas in a quick way to test with anyone interested and try and build features that you think would be extremely helpful for tracking and communicating with satellites.

Thanks and feel free contact me through my email (assuming that is allowed to be posted here: awetherell88@gmail.com).

@awetherell will it be an open source project ?

Hi @jujun it is all going to be on this GitHub https://github.com/awetherell88/Alto-July-Space-Project.

Because this is an educational project we can’t promise the delivery of a product but we will do our best to design something that helps to solve extra issues you might experience or give inspirations others to use.


@awetherell : It’s really great, because even if there is no “product delivery” the great ideas will still be here and be usable in any another project.
I will keep an eye on your git.

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Thanks @jujun, we will be integrating it all with OpenMCT from NASA (https://nasa.github.io/openmct/about-open-mct/#how-nasa-using) so hopefully it is pretty easy to pickup from where it is left off.