Missing Satellites

I have recently noticed within the past few days that some satellites are missing that were on Gpredict before. I tried updating the TLE data, and it said that it missed 140 satellites, or something like that. I also tried updating the transponder data but that didn’t help either. What do I do?


Are you loooking for any specific satellite ir is it just that the TLE update dialog shows “Missing 140”?

Some satellites decay over time and no longer have published TLE data. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to remove these satellites from the gpredict database, so it will keep saying that some satellites are missing. IT wil lbe fixed in the near future.

I’m looking for specific satellites, like AO-92 and NOAA 18 and 19. They were on the map yesterday, but are gone now. They are definitely still orbiting, since they are pretty popular satellites. Not sure if it is a software error or what. I tried creating a new module and those satellites still don’t show up.

Did you change your TLE source recently? Can you post here what internet TLE sources you have defined in your setup?

I haven’t changed the TLE sources(frankly, I don’t know how to change them). Here’s the AMSAT TLE source: https://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftp/keps/current/nasabare.txt

What operating system are you using? This is strange.

I’m using Windows 10.

Go to the add satellites interface and try searching for AO-92 as “AO-92”, “Fox-1D”, or “43137”. Let’s see if that helps.

OK. Seems like it is working now. When I looked up “43137”, it said that the satellite’s name was “Error”. It seems to work fine, bt doesn’t show the satellite’s real name which is alright with me. Thank you!

Hmm, thats very strange. Maybe Alex will have some insight…

Everything is working fine except for the name of the satellite. TLE look good and everything. I will just have to remember that “Error” is AO-92. Anyway, thank you guys!

73 de W0AAE

There is a way to rename the satellite… I think you have to find a file called 43137.sat and change the name and nickname there. In linux, it’s located in the /home/.config/GPredict/ folder. Not sure about the other platforms.