Missing Audio on Large Decodes, Observation 3224553: OPS-SAT (44878)

Regarding Observation 3224553 and Observation 3224559 - is there any reason why the audio wont be uploaded?

73s Chris

OK, it happened again: Observation 3233692

This time I saw the audio file was there, then on a refresh is was not.

I see this now:

“If the problem persists please contact an administrator.” Is it just me? 73s C

The audio is uploaded but it takes some minutes to be archived, during this time is unavailable. This is a bug and there is plan to fix it, so audio will be available as soon as it is uploaded by the client.

Oh thank god. Thanks @fredy!

How’d I recover the other two? 73s C

This is another issue, client hasn’t uploaded the audio files or the audio files were faulty. If they are not as .ogg files in /tmp/.satnogs/data directory, there is nothing that can be done.

Yikes. OK @fredy - I’ve also found that some passes have been ‘cropped’ to short durations. E.g. this one should be 10 mins long but is only 35 seconds: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/3244174/

Ever seen this? C

This means that for some reason there are lost samples. Usually this happens when cpu is overloaded. If you use rtlsdr try to run rtl_test for some minutes. Also check the logs, you may see some 'O’s.