MIR-SAT 1 re-entry

MIR-SAT 1 will decay approximately around April 28. As the re-entry date comes nearer, we would like to encourage the SatNOGS community to use Doppler observations to refine the TLEs, so that the re-entry date can be predicted more accurately. We also encourage stations to receive and decode telemetry during this final phase of the mission. Watch this thread for further news.


Last observation of MIR-SAT 1 when it came down the west coast of California. Observed at UC Berkeley NU6XB in CM87uu. The attached decodes with timestamps in Pacific Standard Time with last decode being 2050 UTC on 4/18.

Twitter posts from 3B8DU suggest that it was heard again 30min later when it came over 3B8 after a half-orbit but not after.

IQ recording here:

mon180422-1318.txt (648 Bytes)