Mir-Sat-1 now in Primary Image 2 mode


I got an email from Faraaz Shamutally telling me that Mir-Sat-1 is now sending telemetry with Primary Image 2. There is a different telemetry layout in that case. That is in addition to the extra layout for Fail Safe. I understand that we can tell when it is in this mode because OBC.currBootImage is 2.

They passed me a copy of the layout that is now being used and I stored it here:

I have not had a chance to compare this to the existing layout yet as I just received it. I will look at it tomorrow.

One question is how much telemetry we are receiving from ground stations and which decoder they are flowing through. Do we need to update all three? Or just the back end decoder on SatNogs? I believe my Pacsat software will forward the bytes to Satnogs correctly even if it can not parse them.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for the info. Same goes for gr-satellites. It will forward the received AX.25 frames to SatNOGS DB regardless of whether it knows to interpret them. Comparing the Excel sheet with what I have in gr-satellites (not sure what telemetry layout is that), I think there are many fields in common but their order is totally different.

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Ok, then I think it makes most sense to update the Satnogs decoder. @DL4PD Patrick, remind me of the format and I can update it. I remember you sent me the layout in Satnogs format back before launch.


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I’ve had a feed days off and can have a look at the beginning of the next week.

It might be just a modification to the struct, but I can’t say how much effort that needs right now.