MiniPC instead of Raspberry PI for SatNOGS client?

as the Raspberry PI is never in stock (in Sweden) and getting expensive if you would like a case, memory card and power adapter, I’m thinking of using one of these small fanless Windows MiniPC that you can get under 100 EUR.

Is anyone using a Windows MiniPC for SatNOGS and can recommend a specific brand?
What type of Linux distribution are you running?

//Lars SM0TGU

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MiniPC yes, but no Windows. All active SatNOGS stations that I use run on a “MinPC” or an old laptop.

Have a look at SatNOGS Network - User: PE0SAT and see the images from the separate stations.

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Yes, but not in the 100 EUR range but a bit higher, 150-200 depending on options.
station 2822, Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q i5-6500T 16GB and 250GB NVME with a B200mini at 8MHz sample rate, capable of BPSK at 512k any day (2MHz wide waterfall).
You can find them on ebay etc.

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So a Core i3 should be enough for an Airspi Mini with 3 MHz sample rate I guess. Thanks.