Minimum elevation?

Good afternoon, how do I manage to set the minimum elevation in Gpredict since it follows me to satellites that are 1 degree on the horizon, I’m with linux.

LW2DYB, Julio

Preferences → Predict → Pass Conditions.

ok Sorry, many things in the head and I do not see the tree

Top option, minimum elevation

This seems to be only applied for “Predictions”. Not for “Next AOS”. Which makes it a bit useless.

In this example Metop-C has a next AOS at 19:54, and a LOS at 19:58, which is much less than the set 20 degree EL minimum. The “Prediction” list shows that the actual next usable pass for Metop-C is only at 21:29.

This means that the “Next” event in the polar display, and the list of next passes, are both useless as one has to check for every pass that the pass will be usable.