Meteor-M2, no more image-Vis transmitted

The Meteor-m2 meteorological satellite experienced s fatal failure that appened roughtly at 07h17z on April 29. This occured during the observation #4023373 recorded by the station 1260 - S59MZ-VHF.
The transition from ‘good signal’ to ‘wrong signal’ is clearly seen in the WF (WaterFall), starting roughly after 10 min…

Since then, le VHF signal of Meteor-M2 has this ON-OFF modulated aspect and it can no more be decoded.

My station 1486 - va2em was the last to report, 7h earlier, a practical Image-Vis received from the satellite, before its ultimate failure. Indeed, an earlier failure that occured more than a month ago render impossible the decoding of the Image-IR part of the transmitted data.

This was not a fatal failure as Meteor M-2 resumed normal operations some time before 16:35UTC. See


Indeed, it seems that Dr. Sat has rejuvenate the Image-Vis system.

I thought that the Meteor M2 had arrive to his End-Of-Life as indicated on this WEB page:

WMO OSCAR  |  Satellite: Meteor-M N2


Sorry for the false alarm!


Is it working? My last good observation and decode was around May 4th.

It seems alive.

Some people on twitter got it.

Oh, but its no longer stabilized. Oh well, sure did enjoy those high res images.

Oh, looked into Scott Tilley’s twitter posts and it seems that M2 is no longer transmitting at 1371.MHz and his images came from the L band transmitter.

A successful LRPT reception from this morning: SatNOGS Network - Observation 5963174

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