Meteor M2-2 decoding

Has there been any progress made with decoding the latest Meteor M 2-2 satellite?
Is there a website where I can find instructions and source code to build a decoder for Linux?
Better still does anyone know where I can get a binary file? I’m not a programmer but I can build from source.
I have in the past decoded the old, Meteor 2 with Windows software from the Russian site but it was a bit messy and I don’t like Windows. I think it was done with a couple of plugins for SDR#. I’d like to try it in stand alone mode first before adding it to my 2 ground stations ID-568 & 724
The results were fairly impressive compared to the NOAA satellites. Definitely better resolution. I have done some searching but what I found was either old and obsolete info or incomplete and wrong data.
Thanks for your time to reply.
Bob vk2byf