METEOR M 2 - Sheduled Record Bandwidth

Hello all,

I am currently in the process of setting up my SATNOGS station and have a question about how to schedule METEOR M2 (and M 2-2) recordings.

When I schedule a recording, the system appears to only record data at ~50kHz. The LRPT downlink is at 80kbps so this is not an adequate record bandwidth. Other stations (that successfully decode METEOR LRPT) record at ~140kHz by the looks of it (see example below).

I am currently running the client version 0.9 (as packaged with the raspberry pi image) with a RTLSDR.

My station:

A successful recording (thanks Cees Bassa!) is shown below:

It looks like the example above is running a dev branch of the client (, do I need to upgrade to a dev branch to support automated METEOR decoding? Am I able to do this easily from Ansible on the raspi? Do we know how stable these branches are at the moment?

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Hi @m0zjo,

About Meteor decoding you will find all the answers in the related thread.

In short you will need to do some extra steps after installing the rpi image for being able to decode Meteor satellites.

Hi @fredy,

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks, I shall follow those instructions - I was secretly hoping that it had been automatically built in to a later version or something so I could be lazy…:stuck_out_tongue:



@fredy I’m not sure if it’s just my browser, or if the link you provided is incorrect. I can’t seem to see the thread you are referring to. Thanks!

I believe that this is the thread -->> Meteor MN2 decoder for rpi 3B+

I spent today tinkering with the setup and finally have it working! My advice if you are going to implement this is to always folder check permissions! (This caught me out a few times)



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Thanks @m0zjo, much appreciated! A lot of good tips there too.