MegSat-1 status


does anybody knows if MEGSAT-1 MegSat-1 - Wikipedia is still operational ?

why it’s not listed in the SAT DB ?

   73 iw2lsi - Giampaolo

SatNOGS DB is a crowdsourced database, so if no one cared to add it, it isn’t added. :slight_smile:

Do you have any details about it, its frequency, the modulation that uses etc… so we can add it?

Hi Fredy…

unfortunately not… I was just curious because the wiki reports it as active; the parameters in seems very old and even the manufacturer website is down… so… yeh… It’s probably lost…


This paper says

Taking into account the drag rate and the initial orbit, the MEGSAT-1 expected live is about five years, while the batteries life is at least four years.

But it might not be a good indication since many satellites live much longer than their designed life span.

From Signals on 137.905 MHz and Homepage DD1US / Sounds from Scientific, Meteorological and Commercial Satellites it seems that it should trasmit at 137.905MHz

I’ve added the satellite and an FM transmitter in SatNOGS DB, so it will be in the next minutes available in Network for scheduling.

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