Meeting proposal for Satellite Telemetry Coordination

Hey all,

As the discussion is brewing over in our IRC channel we created a doodle to find out when we can meet to discuss TLM DB and SatNOGS DB (including SiDSC).

Please share to all people that might want to attend.

cc @PE0SAT @csete @comzeradd @cshields @azisi @surligas @keikreutler et al

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Hi Pierros,

I am a bit late on this but can you give more details please about the Satellite Telemetry DB?
I am very interested on the subject. Maybe I could help.

Many thanks,

It was really hard to find a common time for everyone, but I think we found the best we could.

Our meeting will be this Sunday 2017-01-29 at 18:00 UTC. (click on the link for your local time)

Sorry we could not accommodate everyone. We will be keeping thorough notes.
The meeting will be using Google Hangouts and be on the IRC channel for the specific link on the start of the meeting.

See you all there!

@PE0SAT @csete @comzeradd @cshields @azisi @surligas @keikreutler et al

Meeting notes will be here

See ya all in 90 minutes! (be on IRC for hangouts link)