Mass schedulling


Two questions related to schedulling.

1-¿Is there a way to mass schedule certain set of satellites in my own station for the incoming two days? i.e. all satellites with a CW 145 MHz beacon. Or even a given name set.
2-¿After a schedulling has been made, is there a way to evaluate as a whole the utilization of the station and the overlap between different schedules?

73 de Pedro, LU7DID

For 1, Yup. Use new observation, enter the mode and station. Set the end time to be +2 days. Hit Calculate. Hit ‘All’ in the bottom left that highlights all the passes. Then hit ‘Schedule’.

For 2, dunno! 73s Chris

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Thank you, but your suggestion is only valid for a single satellite, not a set. I can not schedule this way all satellites with a CW beacon on 145 MHz, or at least I don’t see the options to do it with multiple satellites simultaneously.

73 de Pedro, LU7DID