Map to display custom Mapbox map?

Hi, I have a very simple question with hopefully a relatively simple answer… I’m just using SatNogs to display a map of a current satellite I’m tracking/communicating with via the CSN Technologies S.A.T. device.

When the Satnogs map comes up, it is this very basic, dull monochrome map… I would like it to be a custom map with satellite imagery etc… I have a Mapbox account and have a custom map there.

How do I get my custom map to display in Satnogs map page when I view from Satnogs?

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hm… probably too late answer but I’ve just found this post. :confused:

@kx7d I guess you are talking about the map in SatNOGS DB page of the satellite right?

In this case you can not change the map layer as the map isn’t configured in that way. However I suggest you open an issue in satnogs-db project for supporting more layers on this map. If you can also implement this you can create a merge request with the changes.

Aren’t there some newer Mapbox replacements that are libre?


I see this, but don’t know too much about it:

MapLibre started as an open-source fork of the popular Mapbox rendering libraries after their switch to a proprietary license in December 2020…

To be honest I haven’t checked them, but there is an issue to do so Investigate maplibre-gl-js (#863) · Issues · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-network · GitLab.

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