Manually adjusting observation start/end times and frequency/mode


Still finding my way with SatNOGS but have a test station that is basically operational.

I’m curious if I’m doing something wrong or is there no way to start an observation immediately/in less than ten minutes from the current time of day ?

More complex - is there a way to nominate a “fake” test satellite so that you can set an arbitrary frequency/mode for testing. I can see a perspective that would make this latter a security exposure if you could do it on any station (for listening to RF signals local to station, remote to you) but for a station in your own account presumably more benign ?


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If you’re looking for a way to check the RF performance of your station, then the procedure in the ‘Setting the gain’ guide ( ) gives you a way to remotely access the SDR and run it manually.

It’s not the same as running a SatNOGS flowgraph for sure, but at least you can optimize gain parameters and make sure nothing is obviously wrong.

Mark VK5QI

Hiya Mark,
Appreciate the reply, thanks. I had done those steps to get a sense of gain structures etc. definitely useful.
Was more curious on options to get to work with arbitrary real world/real time signals through the broader system. Least it looks like I didn’t miss anything :slight_smile: