Manual observations issue

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I’ve been having some issues with an experimental ground station and trying to troubleshoot the problem. This afternoon I’ve carried out some manual observations to compare between the experimental ground station and the main ground station, however I’ve noticed that when I run these observations, and listen to the subsequent ogg file created, the signal I’m tuned to is present for 2 seconds before it disappears. I’ve uploaded a picture of the spectrograms from the two ground stations below. I appreciate the signal in the bottom track is weaker and slightly more difficult to see but I hope it explains what I’m trying to describe.

The command I’m using to generate these files is --soapy-rx-device="driver=rtlsdr" --antenna=RX --samp-rate-rx=2.048e6 --rx-freq=95500000 --gain=44.5 --file-path=./audio-out.ogg --waterfall-file-path=./waterfall.dat

Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What were the observation numbers? If available, perhaps link to those for more context. Thx.

As far as I’m aware, these manually triggered observations/recordings don’t get uploaded to the Satnogs system as they weren’t scheduled so I don’t think they’re assigned observation numbers.

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Do you get any error in the output of the command you run?
What rtlsdr device do you have?
Is the length of the audio file correct or is missing some seconds?