Make new RoseyCubeSat-1 Dashboard online

Sorry guys if wrong category, I created the dashboard for RoseyCubeSat-1 in scratch pad, I would like to make it online for everyone but I have no permissions to move it to no where but the scratch pad. Can any one help? thanks

You are set dashboard. Please verify that you can edit this too.

I’ve added the wip tag, if it is ready, let me know to remove it. :wink:

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Thank you Fredy, I confirm it’s working. Also for sure, when everything is working will schedule images to be transmitted when it passes over Greece… also the satellite can work in transponder mode. For beyond line of sight communications between radio amateurs. Will keep you posted :slight_smile:


All those queries have the NORAD-ID hardcoded instead of using a variable holding its value. Any chance you could change that? It would be a lot less work for us once the satellite is identified with its correct and final NORAD-ID instead of the temporary one.

If you have any questions how to do that: just ping me (or have a look at other dashboards in the scratchpad, e.g. the Bobcat-1 one).

Congrats reaching orbit! :+1: