Magnetic end stop

I would like to use magnetic limit switches in place of mechanical end stops whose blade is blocked regularly.

I tried the sensor:

But it did not seem to work.

Can someone help me?

If not, what has someone been using as a sensor?



That sensor is a Hall effect device.
Did you use a pull up resistor with it?
What are you interfacing to?
Would you rather use a reed switch? (Two wire magnetic dry contact).

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Thank you for the answer and forgiveness for the delay!
I have come a long way and I think I have solved my problems.

First of all I modified the file endstop.h:
I replaced
pinMode (_pin, INPUT);
pinMode (_pin, INPUT_PULLUP);

In addition I remember (Iā€™m a beginner!) It was necessary to put the magnet in a certain direction for the sensor to work. For that I used the program:

int pinSensor = 4;

void setup () {

  • pinMode (pinSensor, INPUT_PULLUP);*
  • Serial.begin (9600);*

void loop () {

  • int capt = digitalRead (pinSensor);*
  • Serial.println (capt); // Acrit 1 or 0*
  • if (capt == HIGH) {*
  • Serial.println ("HIGH SENSOR");*
  • }*
  • else {*
  • Serial.println ("LOW SENSOR");*
  • }*

This allows me to check the state of the sensor and the direction of the magnet.
The magnet and the sensor were stuck on the rotator



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Hey! Nice work!

I just look into the satnogs-rotator-firmware and the pin is defined with internal pull up. Which repository are you using?


it is a mistake!
I did a lot of tests and I had to modify the file, sorry!

I take this opportunity to ask you advice, I would like to realize this antenna:

I could have your opinion? What about the RHCP with this type of editing?