LVB Tracker v0.7 - elevation is not working

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I am new here and it’s my first post, so I will introduce myself a little - I’m Joanna from Grenoble, I’m working for Cube Sat students project at University, I’m developing ground station.

I have Kenwood Ts 2000 and Yaesu G5500. I’m running all software on Linux. I installed rotctld and rigctld and gpredcit. So the problem is that first when I installed all on my personal laptop LVB tracker was working perfectly, with console and with gpredict as well ( I was using USB adapter for connection) but now when its on PC and connected by serial link elevation stop working - when I try to set position by console it is not always working well as well too. When I use P command and set position I have to type p again to make rotator work (before it was working immediately). I calibrated it again, but nothing helped. This is CCW north stop rotator ( Az 0-450 ; El 0-180). I have no idea what can be a problem. I will really appreciate any help, because it is really hard to find something about it.

I don’t know a lot about programming micro controllers, so I don’t know if it will helps but its FoxDelta ST2-090709.

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I guess there is not much else to do than to look at differences between the working and non-working setups. Assuming that the software versions are identical, I would try with the USB adapter on the PC also. It could be the serial port has some wrong default settings, like hardware flow control.

You can also enable debugging in rigtctl using -vvvvvvv (I don’t know how many v’s; more v’s give more debug)


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Yeah, that was it. As simple as that :smiley: !! wow thank you so much :slight_smile: The only thing I don’t understand is that I still use the serial cable from rotator, the only difference is that now it’s plugged by USB adapter

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I have seen similar problems in the past. It is usually either incorrect hardware flow control setting or permission settings. I think the user has to be member of the dialout group to be allowed to use the serial port.