Looking to build no-rotator

Hi i am extremely keen on building a ground station and wish to start with a no-rotator design however i cannot find any detailed build guides for a no-rotator design.
The git lab only has a mount for the antenna and the wiki only has a list of parts.
Is there a step by step build guild for building a no-rotator?
thanks in advance.

Hey @manza !

Take a look at this guide: https://wiki.satnogs.org/No_rotator

hmm… there’s a better guide here: https://wiki.satnogs.org/Omnidirectional_Station_How_To

and you can find some omni antenna options here: https://wiki.satnogs.org/Antennas

(@pierros maybe we should redirect No_rotator to the above?)

Thanks, i had found those but i cannot see anywhere on those two pages on antenna assembly instructions? or am i missing something?


I can see that for some antennas, especially for the non-commercial ones, there are some instructions/designs in https://wiki.satnogs.org/Antennas, for example: https://www.vk4adc.com/web/vhfuhf-projects/26-multiband-ants/156-turnstile-vhf-uhf-fds

For the commercial ones, they usually come with instructions on how to build them.

For the ones that they don’t have instructions maybe you can send a message here in the forum to users that have built these kind of antennas, or search on the internet for them.

For the rest, like how to setup your raspberry pi, the instructions at https://wiki.satnogs.org/Raspberry_Pi_3 are detailed.

In any case if you stuck on any of the steps, feel free to ask us here or in the chat channels. Feel free also to edit or add details that you found useful and are not documented in the wiki guides.