Looking for feature to bring rotor to 0 elevation after campaign

i look for a config tweak to bring my Rotors to retur to 0 degree Elevation after a campaign. this would be a great help since antennas are exposed to weather which would be protected more at 0 degree instead the kinda 20 to 30 degrees. would be cool to know this tweak to protect my Setup.

asking for advice, br Robert

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maybe you can make a post obs script that will ask for a parking position.

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This might do what you are after: https://github.com/darksidelemm/satnogs-unwinder

Hi Could you tell me what the pre req is for running this program as i’m getting (No module) errors.


So far i can park the rotor (G5500) after each pass to stop the snow building up in the antennas but i like your idea much better and would like to pursue it further.
Currently to park the rotor i created a park.sh and placed (rotctl -m 601 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 P 180.0 90.0) inside it, Then i just call the park.sh file from the SATNOGS_POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT


It does mention the dependencies here: https://github.com/darksidelemm/satnogs-unwinder#usage
Try: sudo pip install python-dateutil requests

Sorry my bad it was getting way to late in the evening…

Please correct me if I’m wrong in any of this but here goes.

I’m currently controlling my rotor via a USB port on the Pi and i think your method and script uses an Ethernet connection to the rotor controller ? is that a correct assumption.


When i run the command:

$ python unwind.py --home_azimuth=0.0 --home_elevation=0.0 --station_id=1920

I encounter this error:

I’m fairly green at this so any help and direction would be greatly appreciated.


Ahh. My script assumes that there is a rotctld server running, which was how SatNOGS used to work.
However, in newer SatNOGS versions rotator control has moved to direct control (e.g. via USB serial), so no more rotctld server to talk to.
I’ve always started up rotctld separately on my systems, so I could control my rotator from other parts of my network, hence why the unwind script still works for me.