Looking for Airspy Mini and R2 users

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I am looking for ground stations that upgraded to Bullseye and satnogs version 1.8.x. and use an Airspy SDR, I want to compare them and see how they perform.

Currently my ground station 1466 is using a R2 and 2173 a Mini.

Here the settings used by these Airpsy SDR’s.

1466 Airspy R2

SATNOGS_GAIN_MODE="Settings Field"

2173 Airspy Mini

SATNOGS_GAIN_MODE="Settings Field"

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Here you go @PE0SAT My station 2134 uses an Airspy R2.

"versions": {
    "satnogs-client": "1.8.1+20.g04c56f1",
    "satnogs-client-ansible": "202209101521",
    "satnogs-flowgraphs": "1.4-1",
    "gr-satnogs": "",
    "gr-soapy": "",
    "gnuradio": "",
    "satnogs-config": "0.13.2+2.gdb6702b"

"system": {
    "date": "2022-10-23T18:29:49.231740+00:00",
    "distribution": {
        "DESCRIPTION": "Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)",
        "RELEASE": "11",
        "CODENAME": "bullseye",
        "ID": "Debian"

    "satnogs_station_id": "2134",
    "satnogs_antenna": "RX",
    "satnogs_gain_mode": "Settings Field",
    "satnogs_log_level": "DEBUG",
    "satnogs_other_settings": "LNA=10,MIX=8,VGA=13",
    "satnogs_rx_samp_rate": "2.5e6",
    "satnogs_soapy_rx_device": "driver=airspy,biastee=true",
    "satnogs_station_id": "2134",

I’ve been battling a rotator issue all weekend so the past couple days have poor performance-wise but page 5 -10 of my observations reflect the average performance with the specs/setings above

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Looking at your observations I also see similar behavior as what I experience.
Can you compare them to a moment in time when you used a older software release?

Here two obs from the same satellite with a 1.7 and 1.8 client.

PICSAT version 1.7 SatNOGS Network - Observation 6630307
PICSAT version 1.8 SatNOGS Network - Observation 6647997

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Sure, here you go

Looks like I made a switch from satnogs-client v1.6 to v 1.81 on Sept 21 @ 23:34 UTC, pretty sure I i went from buster → bullseye in August

TIGRESAT v1.6 observation middle of page 132 is where client version switch happened (3 failed obs in a row).

TIGRESAT v1.81 observation from a few days later

Hope this helps