Looking for advice regarding omni-directional antenna which will not become obsolete after upgrading to directional


The way I understand it from the wiki, typically when upgrading from a non-rotator with omnidirectional antenna to a rotator with directional antenna, the latter one simply outperforms the former.

I’m considering building a station, starting with a non-rotating setup. In the future, I would ideally like to keep the omnidirectional station alongside a new rotator-directional one. I don’t like the idea of decommissioning working hardware when wanting to upgrade.

Is there any type of omni-directional antenna that would be useful to have alongside a directional one, that isn’t simply doing the same thing, but ‘worse’?

I don’t have enough knowledge on the topic regarding different antenna types and broadcasts that they might be able to capture, so this is why I was hoping for some advice from the community.

Both homemade and purchased omni-directional antennas are fine - I’m just curious if there is some setup that wont become obsolete if I decide to create rotating station, and will provide different type of data that the other wont.


Perhaps split the antennas up over frequencies. Get yourself a VHF omnidirectional, and use shorter wavelengths for the directional antenna, as those are generally more quiet signals and require some directivity and steering. That way you lose no functionality when upgrading.

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