Locations of SATNOGS Ground stations

Hi all,
I’m looking to make some plots from our cubesat telemetry, which was heavily supported by SATNOGS. I have a plot of the satellite locations of confirmed beacons, and would like to underplot the locations of all SATNOGS stations in operation and potentially also highlight the stations that observed our satellite. Is there a way to obtain a csv file or similar with this information from the Satnogs site?

You can get it from the api: OpenAPI Sample

Thank you! For some reason thought the API was just for scheduling. I appreciate the link!

Hi- I’ve been playing around with this a bit more and I’m confused on how to access the API. I have these two links, which allow me to query some things, but neither have some of the commands in your openAPI sample link, including station lists. Do I have to install the database myself for this info?

There is a db api and a network api. The documentation I linked to is for the network api.

There is unfortunatley no easily accessible api documentation. I had to search for 10 minutes before I could find the above link yesterday, and I knew what to look for :slight_smile:

There is also API – SatNOGS which is horribly outdated with broken links, but it mentions the two apis and if you click the network api there is a url for the dev endpoint. The dev environment does not have much data though.

The url for the prod api is https://network.satnogs.org/api/stations/

Thank you very much for clarifying! With a little python code to loop through pages this gave me exactly what I needed. Much appreciated.