Localhost command & control

I’ve set up a rudimentary pi and rtl dongle static system and looking on localhost:5000 there is a button for command & control and upsat under the control section. Does this work in the dev instance? Mine flashes up very briefly then returns to a blank page with the headings

Hey @g7kse

On the web UI top-right you can select the “mode” for your station. Command and Control is available on Stand-Alone (aka local) mode for now (not on “Network”). Once you select Stand-alone, a simple command and control UI should be available to schedule an observation locally and start a flowgraph (that might have TX capabilities for your hardware). In there you can find the UPSat command and control that we use for our mission, but this is highly-specific to UPSat. The hope is that this should be a modular system for others to expand TC&C for their satellites too.

Thanks @pierros I’ll have a play around later.

The rtl dongle and antenna isn’t really giving very good results. There’s a fair bit of work to do to get the full system up and running again (motor driver board is blown) and need useful antennas. I’ve got a better dongle than the cheap ones but its not up to RSP or hackRF standards.

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