Listen ADS-B between observation

Tested with Debian buster :
apt install dump1090-mutability

For acces USB rtl sdr :
usermod -a -G plugdev dump1090

add in /etc/sudoers :
satnogs ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/dump1090-mutability start
satnogs ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/dump1090-mutability stop

satnogs-setup / Advanced :
SATNOGS_PRE_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT : sudo /etc/init.d/dump1090-mutability stop
SATNOGS_POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT : sudo /etc/init.d/dump1090-mutability start

Show Aircraft at http://<satnogs-ip-adress>/dump1090


It is possible to use the same method for APRS with rtl_fm and direwolf


This also helps in keeping the receiver powered-on and thus warm between observations (and in case of rtl-sdrs with cheap XTALs: frequency stable-ish). :smiley:

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I like this idea ! that can be useful :slight_smile: