Linking satnogs with hamlib based hardware


just doing a refurbishment of an existing genso Station. i was wondering if hamlib controlled Hardware could also be interfaced with satnogs Software. if someone did already this step i would be happy to get so ideas or experiances form you.

many thanks in advance, Robert, 73 de oe6rke

Absolutely! The goal behind the design is to be as modular as possible, making use of many combinations of technologies that an operator has available.

For an existing rotor and rig, you can find settings in the file (currently set via environment though there is an issue to change that) - and the satnogs client speaks hamlib for both rotor control and rig control, rotctl/rigctl.

That said, it has not been done yet - we are still looking for pre-existing stations like yourself to help test and document integration with these stations.

If you have the rotor and rig all working and accessible by IP (even if that is just localhost) then grab the latest satnogsclient package and try it out. I would suggest signing up at and getting a station ID and API key as well.

Cheers, Corey KB9JHU

Yes, as Corey said, SatNOGS is using hamlib protocol to talk to the radio/SDR and rotator.

What is not supported yet is the SatNOGS client to be able to record audio from a soundcard input and post it back to SatNOGS network

Its close though - we just need to decouple the demod settings from being hard-coded, then the DEMODULATION_COMMAND could be an app that pulls from line in and feeds to the oggenc pipe.

Would be fixed by

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great to hear the Progress. this because my Station is picking up the Signal from a sensitive rig. therefor another pipe instead RTL_fm and the pipe to oggenc would a nice thing.

but cool stuff you build folks!

We have support for hardware radios in v0.2.5 now, along with a first draft of instructions below. Let me know if you have suggestions or issues:

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Can I specify a different IP for the hamlib interface other than Building some middleware to run on Windows and interface with my LVB Tracker.

In advanced settings of satnogs-setup there are options for rig and rot IPs and Ports. Hope this helps. If you change the values, don’t forget to hit apply. :wink:

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