Lightning protection?

Hey guys.

Me pulling the antenna from the roof if I see a thunderstorm is rolling on. And puttings it up if it’s over.

How do you guys?

Have you a lightning protection installed?
Why not?

I am not able to drive in a long metal rod into the ground at this place where the antenna is… Sadly…

Hi @DE8MSH – ham radio operators have been dealing with this for a long time; you may find these articles from the ARRL helpful.

Best of luck!


I have Polyphaser brand model RGT-ME lighting arrestor about 4.5m down from my antenna. That’s strapped to a ground bus bar which is in turn attached to a 5/8" / 2.5m long ground round via a short run of 2 AWG ground cable.

I picked this particular model of arresstor as it passed DC so I can power up the tower top LNA from inside.

Of course this won’t protect your rotor but it should/ possibly (my lawyer asked me to add that) protect anything you might have in the house. I have my SDR, an Airspy, in the house rather than at antenna as is recommend as I like to mess around with things.

I’m about to get the first thunderstorm of the year. lets see how I make out.


I’m sorry I missed the fact that you are unable to drive a ground rod. Does the building have an existing ground that you can tie into?