LibreSpace Rockets... The story so far


So firstly thanks to everyone who has looked at and commented in this new LSF Rocketry section. I was discussing with @pierros that it might be useful to have a bit of a catch up on what has been done so far in LSF regarding rocketry. As far as I can recall there have been some high power kits (LOC??) built and flown in 2017 for a CANSAT competition in Greece.

Youtube footage of the LSF 2017 CANSAT launches

For this there has been some avionics development and there is a repo for the work so far here; LSF rocketry repo

As far as I know it has gps, barometric etc and does flight logging and possibly positional beaconing? I haven’t looked at it in too much detail. I know I had a discussion with @drid that it currently doesn’t have any deployment channels (for splitting rocket air-frames and pushing parachutes or other recovery systems out).

SO I am wondering if I have missed anything and also to get any ideas out in the open that the core LSF crew might have on rocketry to take into consideration before discussing what we do on the rocketry front next!