LibreCube Board Specification



For the purpose of making LibreCube projects modular and compatible to each other, we are working on the definition of the LibreCube Board Specification. It specifies the requirements of such boards in terms of mechanical, electrical, and communication interface.

The work package is here:
The draft specification is in folder “workspace”

Please provide your comments/feedback here.


A comparision between board pinouts by various vendors can be found here:

Feel free to add pinouts from your mission.


The LibreCube Board Specification is available here:


That looks awesome @artur! What would be the best way to comment and provide feedback around it?


I had to disable the user registration and public editing permission for the wiki, due to spam bots that destroyed the wiki several times. (Even with captcha etc.). Hence one cannot edit directly in the wiki.

So the best way to comment is either here in the forum, or in the chat: