Libre Space SatNOGS OHAI Issue

I’m curious if anyone knows if the portal is being fixed to access the assembly instructions? I’m currently trying to construct a ground station with a team and I’m wondering if I should just look elsewhere online on how to construct it or if the portal might be accessible soon? If anyone has any recommendations on resources that they used instead for theirs, that would also be great as well!

Hi @satfab14 and welcome in the community!

Unfortunately the site is down since December 19th and there isn’t any entry for it (except for the home page).

There is an open issue now for checking what’s going wrong with the site, there are some hints but it will need more investigation. Unfortunately I can not give you an estimation when it will be fixed.

Maybe someone has offline or online somewhere else the guide, if that’s the case please publish it here. I’ve also asked for it, if I have any news I’ll update the thread here.

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@satfab14 There is this dozuki guide you can use and a timelapse video.