Libre Space + OpenPlanetary

I’m curious whether there has been any prior discussion about the Libre Space community collaborating with the OpenPlanetary community, since there is important areas of overlap between the two.

I don’t have any special connection to OpenPlanetary other than as an observer and user of their tools and data, but I thought I’d start a discussion here just in case others might be interested.



There is a tiny bit of overlap in the form of software: I help maintain the conda package for spiceypy, the Python bindings for SPICE:

I’m kind of new to both communities (if anything, a little bit more involved with Libre Space) but I’d say there’s a good share of people caring about software on this side too :slight_smile:

Also, to the extent that at some point in the future we can use cubesats for planetary science, we could do great things together!