Libre Space Manifesto

Hello all!

Since the inception of LSF, the people that are the contributors, core members, supporters, friends and generally active in open source and space, have been looking for a concise declaration of what we the LSF community want for Outer Space. Which principles should be applied and through which processes and tools we get there.

Libre Space Foundation does have a Mission and a Vision and those are our organizational foundation. Yet we all felt we needed a broader text that focuses on broader values and pillars that we can build on top. Also, perhaps more importantly, we wanted this text to be in a neutral format that others (organizations, individuals, groups, companies, entities etc) can rally behind it, co-sign it and support it.

We are happy to be in a place to announce the first edition of the Libre Space Manifesto:

Our next steps will be to focus on making the manifesto (and the website hosting it) more actionable, while also gathering as much feedback from the wider open source community in space regarding the format of it and its contents.

Then we can focus on a wider communications push around it.

Feel free to share your thoughts here and submit any MR’s you see fit (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc) in the relevant repository


Like it. A lot.

I think I’ve done it correctly but there should be a merge request for some minor grammar :slight_smile: