Lessons Learned From A CubeSat Postmortem

A fascinating hot wash on development/delpoyment of a cubesat by university students: :bookmark: PDF (5.4 MB)


Thank you for sharing! If you have any questions about KRAKsat, don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:

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Hi @yiea,

Regarding 3.7, apart from using a different modulation, did you consider operating on a higher frequency to increase the upper limit of the transmission baudrate, or did you face legal issues moving to e.g. S-band? Also, are there any technical details on the on-board UHF antenna installed on KRAKsat?

It was kind of outside our jurisdiction - as the KRAKsat team we were responsible only for payload and most decisions connected to platform features were not made by us - but the provider (for whom this satellite was kind of a test too). The only technical specs of the radio are these available at: https://satrevolution.com/

Answering your question, now I can tell that yes - S-band or other higher frequency solution would be much more suited to our needs. Considering how much data has been planned to be gathered - in this kind of project I would recommend going for another frequencies or at least optimize UHF for reasonable usage.