Launching spacecrafts with eco fuel

Space launches can have a hefty carbon footprint due to the burning of solid rocket fuels. Many rockets are, however, propelled by liquid hydrogen fuel, which produces ‘clean’ water vapor exhaust. It is good for the environment but is that eco fuel really good for rocket details, I mean if that fuel can break the spacecraft faster ?

Compared to the scale of other human activities, spacecraft launches are by no measure as impactful as for example intercontinental flights. Additionally, satellite data has played a catalytic role in better understanding of Earth’s climate.

I would take into account that Hydrogen generation can be a very energy intensive process and one has to consider that.

Several launch vehicles use liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen like the Ariane 5 or the Ariane 6 launch systems from Airbus together with solid rocket boosters. I’m not familiar with any rocket achieving orbit that is solely powered by fuel combination.

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Some companies work on innovative plastic recycling methods using catalytic pyrolysis to obtain new sources of energy and high-quality fuels for the aerospace industry. Ecosene is 1% - 3% better than kerosene by its energy characteristics and it is tested on different launch vehicles such as micro rocket, third stage and rocket L.